Imperfectly perfect…

Relationships… what are they really about? Love, shared happiness, fun, cherished moments, heartaches, being there for each other no matter what… In the past few days I’ve had time to sit back and reflect over my life since I moved to Texas. I realize as much as I’m seen as being here for Amber the truth is she has been there much more for me. Most of our times together are happy bliss but there are moments we have to exhale, breathe, regroup and communicate. The fact that we can do that makes our relationship even more special. In her absences, the silence is deafening and I feel the walls closing in on me but when she comes home I’m excited and giddy. When I’m down she’s there to lift me up, always kind and supporting. She has an inner strength and wisdom that makes me a better person. It’s not perfect, but what is in this life? ¬†What we have is what I’ve been searching for my entire life, this kind of imperfectly perfect relationship.

Wicked Bliss

No, no…. Amber it’s not what you think! ūüėą
Lol, in an effort to lose weight, Amber and I have sworn off our favorite guilty pleasure, sorry Starbucks.

Uniform – Daily Post

Uniform, per google means, not changing in form or character; remaining the same in all cases and at all times. In other words, it’s being consistent. Who doesn’t need some consistency in their life? In thinking about this word I realize my life isn’t “uniform” nor do I want it to be the same old thing year after year. I like change and the curve balls life throws at me. I think of Amber and how if the universe hadn’t thrown a curve ball into my boring, uniform life then I never would have met her. Are our lives perfect? No…. Are we always happy? Of course not… Do we love each other insanely? Absolutely. Is she the best thing that’s happened to me? Hell, yes! So, thank you Universe! I’ll take the curve balls and change every time, only now I get to take them with my Pretty Girl.


First Girl’s Night

The day Amber and I agreed that I would do her makeup for our upcoming date was one of the most exciting and nerve wrecking things I had agreed to do in years. Amber, to me, is always elegantly put together from her hair and makeup to her clothes, she’s perfect just the way she was when I first met her. It made me panic as we approached the date night because I’m super picky about my hair and makeup, what if she hates how I do it was all I could think. You have to be someone really close to me to see me without my makeup and she was offering me that view of herself. The morning of our date night I woke up and had a new thought… the trust she must have in me to allow me to add to her canvas. This one thought made me smile, my jitters disappeared and I knew I would not disappoint her. Now, I have no daughters, just two boys whom I can’t get to wear collared shirts or brush their hair, they certainly have no desire to play dress up with me. But, that evening as I stroked her face with my brushes I fought tears that kept trying to creep up on me because I realized Amber was filling a void in my existence. It was much more than being romanced or girlfriends getting ready for a night on the town. It was me breathing life into my girl, helping her to bloom. It was me sharing makeup tips I’d learned and getting tips from her in return, stuff I had always imagined i would do with a daughter I will never have. She asked me questions, we laughed and we had actual girl time that was amazing and we looked amazing when we were done. That night changed something in me. It changed how I viewed Amber. It was truly a turning point in our relationship because trust and female friendship had been established. It was a bond, one that find grows stronger everyday.


Sun and shadows

Warmth is sunshine and happiness. ¬†It’s lying in the shade just out of the reach of the sun as you watch it’s rays filter through the trees. ¬† It’s an experience you should treasure especially with someone you love. ¬†A place Amber and I will definitely have to revisit together.

Daily Post Photo Challenge – Friend

What is a friend?  A friend by definition is someone you know that you have a bond of mutual affection.  The term soul mate is one of the first synonyms that comes up for friend when you google it.

The beautiful person in the photo with me is someone I’ve searched for my whole life, my soul mate. ¬†I never understood what that meant until I met Amber. ¬†I think a friend, a soul mate is someone you can have fun with, be silly with, cry to when you need a shoulder or ear, and an anchor when the storms of life are tossing you around. ¬†This picture represents our fun, silly, and playful side of our unique relationship.



Welcome to the sensual world of Amber and Sheila Lynne. We invite you to follow our journey through our writings, photos, and videos. We hope our happiness and love of each other spills over to you and makes you restless to follow our beautiful journey.

In this blog we invite you to walk along the path we are taking as we learn to navigate life in a world that does not understand the transgender culture. Add in that I, Sheila, am a “genetic girl” in love with a man who has a another side, a pretty girl side completely opposite his everyday masculinity. What’s unique with our situation is I am in love with his feminine side, Amber. Is this easy, well the answer is complicated, it is and it isn’t. We have so many people happy for us and they have so many questions that I feel compelled to share our experiences.
So welcome to our story, our life! Please feel free to share it with others and I encourage you to contact me with comments or questions.