Wicked Bliss

No, no…. Amber it’s not what you think! ūüėą
Lol, in an effort to lose weight, Amber and I have sworn off our favorite guilty pleasure, sorry Starbucks.


Sun and shadows

Warmth is sunshine and happiness. ¬†It’s lying in the shade just out of the reach of the sun as you watch it’s rays filter through the trees. ¬† It’s an experience you should treasure especially with someone you love. ¬†A place Amber and I will definitely have to revisit together.


Home is where the heart is…

What does home mean to me?  Home is a warm hug, a smile on a rainy day, playfulness with my pretty girl, and in the heart of some I love dearly.   In essence, home is where the heart is and where ever Amber resides or goes is what I call home.   

Daily Post Photo Challenge – Friend

What is a friend?  A friend by definition is someone you know that you have a bond of mutual affection.  The term soul mate is one of the first synonyms that comes up for friend when you google it.

The beautiful person in the photo with me is someone I’ve searched for my whole life, my soul mate. ¬†I never understood what that meant until I met Amber. ¬†I think a friend, a soul mate is someone you can have fun with, be silly with, cry to when you need a shoulder or ear, and an anchor when the storms of life are tossing you around. ¬†This picture represents our fun, silly, and playful side of our unique relationship.