Welcome to the sensual world of Amber and Sheila Lynne. We invite you to follow our journey through our writings, photos, and videos. We hope our happiness and love of each other spills over to you and makes you restless to follow our beautiful journey.  

In this blog we invite you to walk along the path we are taking as we learn to navigate life in a world that does not understand the transgender culture. Add in that I, Sheila, am a “genetic girl” in love with a man who has a another side, a pretty girl side completely opposite his everyday masculinity. What’s unique with our situation is I am in love with his feminine side, Amber. Is this easy, well the answer is complicated, it is and it isn’t. We have so many people happy for us and they have so many questions that I feel compelled to share our experiences. 

So welcome to our story, our life! Please feel free to share it with others and I encourage you to contact me with comments or questions.