Happy Longing

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It’s the quiet moments that I sit and reflect upon us, Amber and I. She is currently away and I long to see her. Monday seems like a million years away but it will be a happy reunion, like the sun has begun to shine on me again. Yes, I know, it’s disgusting but that’s how I feel about my girl and I will never be ashamed of that.

I can’t help but get even more excited that Wildside is fast approaching. I’m ecstatic to see all the lovely friends that we made there last year and a bonus this year is my dear friend Jackie will be joining us for her first Wildside experience. I remember last year I was so scared going because I wasn’t sure if the girls would embrace a GG like me. It’s over 200 ladies that attend. They are wild, crazy, fun, and supportive. I honestly must say not only did they welcome me with open arms but they made me feel like family. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my adult life.

It will be an amazing week that I am sure will pass far quicker with Amber here than the weeks when she is not with me.


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