My Anchor

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It’s always strange to me how things come to be in my life and how much I needed an anchor but didn’t realize it until I met Amber.  I was depressed, overwhelmed by life, frustrated by things I couldn’t control and contemplating suicide when I met Amber 13 months ago.  She quite literally saved my life when we first met and here I sit a week after my check up with my doctor thinking back to the moment he told me I’m insulin resistant and on my way to type 2 diabetes.  I remember  5 minutes before he walked in and said that to me how excited I was to get healthy for Amber so I can feel sexy again in hopes that I don’t lose her interest.  That visit changed my life instantly and as I always do with everything I shared my news with Amber.  Now, I am 40 pounds overweight but I have never thought of myself as having any real health issues so I was shocked and ultimately scared.  Amber being true to form calmly and assertively  said it was going to be okay, that we were already on a diet but she would do the new diet my doctor gave me so I wouldn’t do it alone.  She’d support me through this and we’d come out on top of it.  No carbs, no sugar, no soft drinks, no beer, I was in a panic.   She’s been so stoic through this, I truly do not know what I’d do without her.

We’ve been on this diet for almost 2 weeks, I’ve lost 12 pounds and I feel amazing.  It funny how if your life depends on something that your brain just accepts it and where I’ve struggled to say no in the past with dieting this time it seems easier for me.   So thank you Amber Lynne for being amazing to me and being my anchor.

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