A New Year, A New Us.

2017 has come and gone and Amber and I have officially known one another for over a year and made it to the one year mark where we realized it was going to be something more.  It’s been exciting, wonderful, and fattening, the fattening part especially for me.  They say it happens when you are happy and I guess they are right because I have never been so happy as I have been with Amber.  She truly is my everything.  I have enjoyed every moment with her even the very few not so great moments which all have led us to over enjoy food and drinks together and with our amazing friends.  BUT… enough is enough because now we are unhealthy and I plan to spend the rest of my life with her so I need us both to stick around for a while which leads us to 2018’s theme of getting healthy together and enjoying life while we do it.  Guess what… we have already started, lol. So here is the beginning adventures of Amber and Sheila’s journey to being healthy.
Now one thing I am is competitive and I love to run but not so much in the cold.  So I talked my good friend Candy, which wasn’t hard (wink, wink), into running in the Resolution 5k with me a few Saturday’s ago.  Did I train? No.  Is this a great way to do this? No. All of which has been pointed out by Amber (love you too Bae).  However, I tested myself by doing this and I did not run the whole thing but I did finish in under 40 mins.  Unfortunately, Amber was not there for my first Texas race but she was  there later in the day to celebrate with me.

Now what are we doing together to get the weight loss party started in 2018?  Cryolipolysis… yes we both had our treatments last night and it was for a lack of a better word, weird.  So basically two suction cups are placed on your belly and freezes those areas down to -5 degrees.  We should lose 5 pounds in the next week and 15 in the next three weeks as long as we drink water and are some what healthy.

We are also cutting carbs, cutting beer, and exercising.  I will keep you updated as we go along.
Here’s to a new us!

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