Detroit Invasion

July Detroit Invasion — river cruise

“Once more, a supreme test has to be faced. This time, the challenge is not to fight to survive but to fight to win the final victory for the good cause. Once again, what is demanded from us all is something more than courage, more than endurance. We need a revival of spirit – a new, unconquerable resolve.” – King George VI – April 6, 1944t

This blog is dedicated to Samantha Rogers, a woman I met through Amber last May in Las Vegas. She is brave, smart, caring and beautiful. Amber and I have developed much respect for her and look up to he. She is a true leader in the Transgender Community. On our way to her Detroit Invasion with 6 of our closest friends and our TG group, SERD, I happen to see a post on her Facebook page that included that powerful quote by King George VI from a speech he made on D-Day. On the plane I reflected on it, all the things I’m watching happen in our country towards such beautiful people, who are loving, caring, and want what everyone else in the United Sates has a right to… to be accepted and allowed to live a full happy life however they identify themselves without being treated with disdain.

I am unconditionally in love with Amber. I am proud to be with her and I hold my head high wherever we go. I view us as a power couple because together we can overcome anything. I am also hypersensitive when we go out as to how she is treated and super protective of her. This extends to the girls in SERD and my friends across the country. It is upsetting when anyone of them are discriminated against, harassed, or persecuted for being themselves. Everyone of my girls in Texas, and yes I consider them mine as they are 17 of my closest and dearest friends, have such good hearts. It’s not often but occasionally something will happen and they will share their bad, hurtful stories with me. I’ll admit, often I’m shocked, appalled, and angry. I’m quick to think how do we right this wrong, we should do something, I want action, I want justice… they are quick to say it wasn’t right but they don’t want to make a scene or they just ignored it. They say Sheila you are such a mother hen over us, we can take care of ourselves. Sheila don’t make a big deal out of it. I don’t always agree but I am ever respectful of their wishes but still I fight for them in my own way as King George VI stated… not for their survival, I want to fight for the final victory, them having equal rights and not having to be ashamed or oppressed, for them to be able to truly live.

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