Our Path to Happiness

As Amber and I grow in our relationship we are challenged by life, other people, and each other. I believe it’s called growing pains which can be exciting but it can also hurt. I truly believe all new relationships have their speed bumps and how we look at them decides the strength, longevity and the direction of the relationship. I say all the time everyone is perfect in their imperfections. We are all motivated by something in our lives that causes us to make good or bad decisions. Lying, hiding who you are, protecting the ones you love, or protecting yourself from being hurt sometimes back fires and you end up hurting the people you love the most. Don’t we all do that? How do you recover from that? Can we really judge others for something we all do?Empathy is the key. I personally feel that empathy is the amazing emotion that’s lacking in our culture. The ability to put yourself in another persons situation, trying to understand what motivated them and not slay others for their mistakes. It is said man is inherently evil but I believe man is inherently good; that choice and insecurity makes it hard to be consistently good. The transgender community has a lot of insecurity and fear. Are people going to judge me, hurt me, hurt my family, force me to do something before I’m ready, make me lose my livelihood because I know in my soul I’m unique, different and special. That I have a right to be who ever I want to make happy. I mean our country was founded on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is the opportunity given to each of us by our founding fathers that you have to take responsibility for and make it happen. That opportunity of happiness I intend to pursue. No matter what happens, I will hold onto what makes me happy which happens to be Amber. I will fight through hurt and sadness because I know the path we have chosen is a difficult one and I don’t expect it to be easy and fluff all the time. It is that path, the ones less taken that are the most rewarding. I sit here reflecting back on the last month with a smile because every tear and giggle has been with it. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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